Edana Geotextile Workshop - Index 14
The webcast viewer offers simultaneous display of the video and PowerPoint presentations (synced to the audio).

INDEX is a triennial conference and exhibition from Edana.  With more than 12,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors, INDEX is the world’s largest nonwovens-related conference. This year, Daniele Cazzuffi (Past President of the International Geosynthetics Society) developed with the conference a special geotextile workshop.
With conference having just concluded in Geneva, Switzerland, Edana has published the entire geotextile workshop online.
The webcast includes simultaneous display of video and PowerPoint presentations, as well as slides along the bottom of the webcast viewer that allow the user to flip between points in the presentation.
It is interesting to note that Cazzuffi first attended Index in 1984–which, as he discovered on the morning of Index 14, was actually the first real Index conference. Index has celebrated 30 years of events; and only month after the International Geosynthetics Society celebrated its 30th anniversary.

Geotextile Workshop Webcast

Joining Cazzuffi (who delivered the introduction) were:

  • Steve Corbet (UK) – Transportation Applications – Design, Specification and Installation
  • Silke Brand-Kirsch (Germany) – Trends driving the nonwoven market for geotextiles
  • Antonella Senese (Italy) – Effects of nonwoven geotextiles: pilot experiments aimed at reducing snow and ice melt at the Presena Glacier (Trento, Italy)
  • Mikael Møller (Denmark) – Geotextiles in Africa – Experiences from supplying large projects
  • George Arditzoglou (Thrace Group) – Geotextiles applications to Owens Lake (South California, USA) for dust mitigation

The geotextile workshop also promoted further interaction among the attendees with an invitation to join the geosynthetics community at the 10th International Conference on Geosynthetics (10 ICG) in Berlin (21 – 25 September 2014).
Furthermore, the gathering in Geneva provided for a key CEN TC 189 on Geosynthetics meeting, including meetings of WGs for ISO TC 221 on Geosynthetics.
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