Irrigation canals, geosynthetics
Geosynthetic barriers are engineered to provide exceptional containment of liquids. The range of products and systems is wide and they cannot all be applied in the same way. HUESKER’s unique Canal3® barrier is getting three, free, canal liner webinar sessions in September. The focus is on water conveyance, containment, and conservation performance.
Dates: September 9, 10, and 17 (2:00 pm EDT)
Length: 45 minutes (with Q&A time available afterwards)
Canal3®is a composite barrier. Top and bottom layer highly durable nonwoven geotextiles protect a polyethylene membrane core. This structure provides significant puncture protection for the barrier membrane in both smooth and rough installation subgrades.
It also prevents the need to over-excavate to create a protective sand bedding. Additionally, the multi-layer construction is biological inert to degradation and naturally encountered chemicals, alkalies, and acids.
This type of product is being used increasingly for irrigation districts and other water storage and conveyance designs. Contractors, subcontractors, and local labor (e.g., irrigation district personnel) are all able to install it. The installation ease and the availability of wide rolls makes it cost-effective and efficient.
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