Huesker Engineering WebinarsHuesker FilterMat AterroSoloMole_Huesker_c500wAfter a series of well-received engineering webinars in September and October on canal lining, international geosynthetics manufacturer HUESKER is enhancing its education schedule with three free webinars in December. The topics will be asphalt reinforcement (December 2), sediment capping and containment (December 8), and geotextile encased columns (December 9).
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December 2: HaTelit® Asphalt Reinforcement Webinar

On December 2 at 2:00 pm (EST), HUEKSER’s Mike Samueloff will present a free engineering webinar on the use of HaTelit® asphalt reinforcement and how it extends the useful life of trafficked areas. The reinforcement increases the time between renovation intervals, thus conserving road agency resources towards labor and maintenance investment. HaTelit® offers an economical solution for new construction and repair of existing road surfaces.


This event is free. It follows a successful series of canal lining educational webinars organized by the company in October.
HaTelit® is a high-strength, flexible, temperature-resistant composite geogrid used for asphalt reinforcement. It features a bituminous coating for excellent adhesion in base layers. It’s highly durable nonwoven fabric backing protects against displacement during installation, which helps save time. Roll lengths are available up to 150 m and widths up to 5 m, to reduce on site overlaps and material waste. And, the flexibility of the product helps it adapt to the site quickly with strong protection against installation damage.

December 8: Filtermat™ Sediment Capping and Containment Webinar

HUESKER’s Roy McClinton and Robert Creel will lead a free engineering webinar on 8 December 2015. The topic: Capping contaminated sediments using FilterMat™. This composite geotextile provides a cost-effective alternative to dredging operations while isolating contaminated sediments. Additionally, the use of a geosynthetic capping system instead of dredging removes disposal costs, on-site treatment costs, and transport and treatment costs.


As a multi-layer geotextile composite, FilterMat™ can be produced in different densities and fiber sizes. It can manage the uniform distribution of different porosities with adsorptive particles across the entire area of the geotextile. The patented material can be produced with various combinations of filtration fabrics, high-strength geogrids, and wovens. Amendments include: activated carbons, organoclay, activated resins and Nonaqueous Phase Liquids (NAPL) adsorbent matting, all custom designed for contaminant control applications.
Typical applications include capping contaminated sediments, containment curtains for dredging or offshore activities, containment of mining operations and runoff, and filtration of contaminated liquids in geotextile tubes.

December 9: Ringtrac® Geotextile Encased Columns Webinar

Engineer Lilma Schimmel (HUESKER) will lead a free webinar on Ringtrac® geotextile encased columns. The event will take place December 9, 2015 at 2:00 pm. The system was developed as a foundation solution for earthwork structures built on weak subsoils. The pile-like load-carrying system is a quick, cost-effective method of providing a foundation for embankments on ground with low-bearing capacity. One of its advantages stems for its utilization of circular-loom technology, which eliminates weak points and loss of strength caused by joints, e.g. seams, or discontinuities in the design-relevant stiffnesses.


Ringtrac® reinforcement sleeves are supplied in rolls and can be readily adapted on-site to the project-specific subsoil conditions.
Features include:

  • Suitable for soft soils with cu 313.3 lb/ft² (cu < 15 kN/m²)
  • Almost all settlement takes place within construction period
  • Adjacent buildings are unaffected by settlement
  • System is fully loadable immediately after completion
  • High embankments can be built in short time with no danger of base failure
  • System is highly adaptable to local conditions and loads
  • No need to dispose of waste or contaminated spoil (where displacement method is used)
  • No adverse impact on groundwater flow
  • Circumferential strengths of up to 34,250 lbs/ft (500 kN/m)
  • Reinforcement sleeve diameters between 1ft 4 in and 3 ft 3 in (0.4 m and 1.0 m)
  • Underlying aquifers protected by base seal
  • Economical use of site space and lower excavation, disposal and imported material costs
  • Reduction in construction time and cost
  • Non-rigid system, dynamic loads (e.g. from passing trains) can be accommodated without damage
  • Accelerated consolidation
  • 15-plus-year track record in a wide range of successful projects

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