Farm Anaerobic Digesters

Anaerobic Digester, FarmThe US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has openly published the presentations from the 7th AgSTAR National Conference, which was held 10-12 June 2013 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The presentations are available for download, along with event reports, here:
Key presentations include:

  • Status and Trends of the U.S. Agricultural AD Market
  • Biogas to Compressed Natural Gas Opportunities
  • Strategy, Profitability and Follow Up of AD on Livestock Farms in Belgium
  • Biogas Production in China: Current Status and Future Development
  • AD in the Poultry Sector: Case Study of Culver Duck Farm
  • And many others

NOTE: The session papers and presentations accessible via this site are posted for conference purposes only. They have not been endorsed by EPA management and thus do not represent an official statement of EPA’s views or policy. They are not intended to be used to formulate or support any EPA decision or position. Posting these materials does not indicate EPA adoption or endorsement of the information contained therein.
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