Erosion and sediment control professionals can now use the high-quality lens technology in their iPhone and Android-based mobile devices to determine slopes and evaluate erosion control needs. ECDesigner™2.0 was developed by East Coast Erosion Control as a substantial enhancement of its original web-based engineering calculator and product recommendation tool. The mobile interface of this erosion control app comes with a fast, convenient file size and a number of advanced features.
ECDesigner 2.0 Erosion Control App for iPhone and Android Smartphones
ECDesigner™ 2.0 is now available for download online at as well as in the iTunes App Store and Google Play store. The company also notes that the web-based version of the app is still available, and ECDesigner™ remains free for download (registration required).


One of the most striking features is the built-in mobile slope calculator, which takes advantage of smartphone camera technology. Here, a user can turn the camera on through the app, point at a job site slope, and receive slope parameter estimates for proper erosion or sediment control product selection.
ECDesigner™ calculates site-specific conditions for slope, spillway, and channel projects. Comprehensive outputs simplify design and submittals. Users of the erosion control app will be able to save and manage past projects and get detailed listings for recommended products.
“Being able to be out in the field, snap a quick picture, and get accurate, easy-to-read engineering data while standing on the job-site is something we are glad we have brought to the public,” says Diane Hitt, President, East Coast Erosion Control.
In developing 2.0, East Coast set out elevate the user experience by creating a tool that had not previously been utilized in an erosion control app. The mobile slope calculator provides a simple, highly accessible tool that anyone on a job site (or potential site) can employ for general planning.
East Coast Erosion Control welcomes feedback from the engineering field.

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