The Australasian Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (ACIGS) has quickly become one of the most active chapters in the world. One of its key outreach initiatives has been a series of webinars that are open to the engineering community. On January 28 (3:00 pm AEST), the series continues with a focus on ethics.

Many engineering licensing bodies require regular training in ethics. The profession’s importance to public health, safety, and general welfare underscores the need for honest and fair practices.

ACIGS has invited one of the geosynthetics field’s most notable global consultants, Boyd Ramsey, to lead the discussion about ethics in engineering with geosynthetics.



In promoting the webinar, ACIGS notes that the International Geosynthetics Society has an ethics policy for its members, one that is to be adhered to, just as members might have ethics policies to abide by within their companies or agencies or with various licensing bodies.

However, adhering to these principles is not always simple.

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“This interactive presentation presents information on ethics within the geosynthetic industry, highlighting organization and company policies that are sometimes contradictory,” ACIGS writes. “Ethical behavior is discussed ‘in the eye of the beholder’ and ethical questions (some with answers!) are discussed and investigated by the audience.”

During a trip to Australia last year, Boyd Ramsey sat down with Siamak Paulson (of Siamak’s Geosynthetics Podcast) to discuss climate extremes and innovation. He also touched upon purpose in engineering, which offers a glimpse of how Ramsey might approach ethics.

“We get to firsthand make the world a better place,” Ramsey said of the geosynthetics field during the podcast. “We should feel proud of the accomplishments that our industry makes.”

Learn more and register via ACIGS’s events page.