Ljubljana - EuroGeo 6 CityEuroGeo 6 Announces Move to Slovenia EuroGeo 6 Announces Move to SloveniaIt was only on June 30 that the organizers of EuroGeo 6 announced the conference would move out of Turkey, following the deadly bombing at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul. Less than a week later, a new city in another country has been named: Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Dr. Erol Güler, Chairman of the Turkish Chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) and EuroGeo 6, identified the capital of Slovenia in a short emailed letter on July 4.
The full text of his letter is below.
The venue move was expected, but less so was the organizers’ promise: that a new venue could be identified on such short notice with the same dates for the conference: 25 – 28 September 2016. Yet, they have delivered on both of these promises. It’s a feat to be applauded.
The conference will now be held at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre over the exact same dates. With a couple months to adjust the logistics for exhibitors, presenters, and participants, the 6th European Conference on Geosynthetics is back on the industry’s calendar.
Of additional note, the conference will not need to change any of its registration fees.
“I, and the Officers of IGS, fully support the EuroGeo6 organisers in this relocation,” said IGS President Russell Jones in a letter to its membership. “The conference will still have the same technical, social and exhibition attributes as all other Regional IGS conferences.  I am now calling on all IGS members, both individual and corporate, to support this conference by promoting, attending and exhibiting at this exciting new location.”

“Our colleagues need our support. Please come to the conference and support our industry, the Turkish Chapter and all of the exhibiting companies.”


Dr. Güler’s July 4 letter:

We, as the Local Organizing Committee of EuroGeo6, are pleased to announce that the 6th EuroGeo Conference (EuroGeo6) will take place on September 25-28, 2016 in the GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

We are excited to offer same Exhibition possibilities, registration fees, the scientific and cultural feast of a lifetime to one of the most refined crowd in the profession, in one the most welcoming, inimitably exciting venues of the world. Come to Ljubljana in September 2016 and join us in forging this unforgettable experience.

We count on your continuous support.

Let’s meet in Ljubljana in September 2016!

Full information is being updated on the EuroGeo 6 website.


Dekon Group, which manages EuroGeo 6, helped coordinate the quick move to the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre. Dekon has a history of event work at the site. In fact, EuroGeo 6 is not the only Dekon-managed event moving from Istanbul to Ljubljana. The 34th World Congress of Sports Medicine (FIMS 2016) is also heading to the same venue—and keeping its original dates. It will be held immediately after EuroGeo 6.
Slovenia provides an intriguing meeting point for the European geosynthetics community. It borders Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary. It sits, in many respects, in the middle of Europe. The capital city, Ljubljana, is virtually equidistant from London and Istanbul. The capital is also centrally located within the country and has served as a major trade route historically.
European rail lines intersect in Ljubljana and major airports throughout the continent provide direct flights to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport.
An interesting connection for the geosynthetics community is Ljublana’s standing as the European Green Capital of 2016. Sustainability is one of the major topics of EuroGeo 6.
More information on the venue change will be published shortly, as will the conference program.
Learn more at www.eurogeo6.org.