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At a glance, 2014 might seem like a quieter year for geosynthetics events. It’s an ICG year–the International Conference on Geosynthetics–so the various, growing regional events associated with the International Geosynthetics Society’s (IGS) 41 chapters are not being held. Yet, there is plenty of activity. Here is our Event Watchlist 2014 for the geosynthetics community.
The common thread you’ll find in the slideshow is interaction with the larger geotechnical community. Geosynthetics have long been incorporated into every major sector of civil engineering, but recognition of the materials within many events has been slower than the actual practice. This year, however, we find geosynthetics filling spots within many international events, co-located conferences emphasizing synergies with all geotechs, and even specialty conferences to highlight the role of geosynthetics in particular sectors (e.g., the first conference dedicated solely to geosynthetics in mining).
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