A follow up on a GCCM patent story from earlier this year: The preliminary injunction issued in a Polish court against Eurobent Sp.zo.o regarding potential infringement of Concrete Canvas’s patent PL/EP 2027319 has been upheld by the appeals court in Wroclaw.
Concrete Canvas had challenged Eurobent’s material branded as Tiltex™.
Both Concrete Canvas and Eurobent manufacture a new type of barrier material referred to commonly as a geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (GCCM).

GCCM Patent Challenge in Europe
Photo by Concrete Canvas.

In a July 2 release, Concrete Canvas noted that the fine for non-compliance with the preliminary injunction is “the highest on record set by the Polish courts for a case of this type.”
An April 23 release indicated that a related case was in process in Germany between Concrete Canvas Frank GmbH, a distributor of the product involved in the Polish courts.
In closing its short announcement of the latest developments, Concrete Canvas emphasized that it would seek to enforce its intellectual property rights wherever it has grounds to believe that its property rights are being infringed.


The development of the market for geosynthetic cementitious composite mat materials has occurred swiftly. The market’s original GCCM innovator, Concrete Canvas, has certainly been the field leader. The company has achieved significant international reach with projects in mining, water resource management, culvert rebuilds, oil and gas containment works, and much more.
The rapid rise in interest from a broad range of industries has drawn additional market participants.
Standards and guide work within ASTM Committee D35 on Geosynthetics has also helped open the market to more players. With those companies entering the market more forcefully, it has been inevitable that proprietary interests in such a new materials sector would require closer inspection of additional market participants with any existing GCCM patent (not unlike how the biaxial geogrid market matured).
For more information about Concrete Canvas’s technologies and projects, visit https://www.concretecanvas.com.

Remediating a Concrete Flume in a Hydroelectric System
Photo by Concrete Canvas.