Geo-U Online Education for EngineersLive and pre-recorded webinar-based and online education tools have expanded rapidly in engineering circles. The launch of Geo-U ( adds to this movement the insight of some of the world’s foremost experts on geosynthetics.
Geo-U has debuted with 12 lectures from Dr. Robert Koerner of the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) and two from Dr. Ian D. Peggs (I-CORP INTERNATIONAL). The lectures are streamed, so an internet connection is required. Some downloadable course materials are included.
Geo-UAlso, some of the courses have been designed to allow the viewer to take a quiz afterwards that may qualify them for PDH credits, such as with engineering license boards.
Current Geo-U courses include:

  • Learning from Failures: Unusual Wind-Blown and Wave-Generated Wrinkle Cracking in a Geomembrane Liner
  • “Whales” And Their Prevention In Geomembrane Lining Systems
  • Geosynthetics in Agriculture and Aquaculture
  • Behavior and Analysis of Twenty Solid Waste Landfill Failures
  • Landfill Closures: Past-Present-Emerging
  • Lateral and Vertical Expansions Over Old and Existing Landfills
  • Wet (Bioreactor) Landfills for Rapid Degradation of MSW Organics
  • Geosynthetic Applications Used in Heap Leach Mining
  • Geosynthetic Applications in Hydraulic Structures
  • Lifetime Predictions of Exposed and Nonexposed Geosynthetics
  • A Data Base and Analysis of 171 Failed MSE Walls Using Geosynthetic Reinforcement
  • MSE Wall Remediation and Monitoring
  • MSE Wall; Back Drainage Design
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Wall, Berm and Slope Construction Inspection

While accessing full lectures requires payment via the site’s secure e-commerce portal, creating a user account is free and gives the user monthly updates on current and forthcoming courses.
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