GeoAfrica 2023

The 4th African Regional Conference on Geosynthetics (GeoAfrica 2023) will be centered around the theme of Geosynthetics in Sustainable Infrastructure and Mega-Projects. It’s a fantastic topic, capitalizing on the International Geosynthetics Society‘s (IGS) strong focus on sustainability and adding to it the scale of works in which geosynthetics are playing a strong role in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Though GeoAfrica was originally planned for 2021, covid’s emergence as a global crisis in early 2020 led the conference organizers to quickly and smartly reschedule for 2022. The protracted nature of the global health crisis, however, has contributed to a well-publicized series of event moves on the calendar. The 12th International Conference on Geosynthetics (12 ICG) moved to September 2023. GeoAsia 7 moved to April 2022.

Now, GeoAfrica confirms it is moving to February 2023.

The decision alleviates conference crowding next year, helps participating researchers and companies spread out travel budgets, and opens a wonderful opportunity for practitioners in the field to submit abstracts to the now further-out event.


Egypt is an ideal location for this edition of the quadrennial regional conference from IGS. The use of geosynthetics in infrastructures and mega projects has immensely increased in Egypt and the region in recent years. We’ve seen major expansions of highways and railroads in challenging soil conditions, new cities and urban centers developed, and industrial and commercial zones, ports, tank farms, landfills, and much more put forward in infrastructure plans.

Abstracts are now accepted through 1 February 2022. Online submission is open.

The primary technical themes:

  • Reinforced soil walls and slopes
  • Drainage and filtration
  • Geosynthetics in transportation applications
  • Geosynthetic barriers
  • Hydraulic and coastal applications
  • Innovation in geosynthetic products and applications
  • Geosynthetics in sustainable infrastructures and mega projects
  • Design and numerical modeling
  • Durability and long-term performance

Learn more about GeoAfrica 2023 at the conference website