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By Ecoweb – For a channel expansion and beautification project in a cultural center, a geocellular confinement system was specified for stabilizing and vegetating the slopes. The area was characterized by highly erodible soils with a mixture of clay and silt deposits.
The use of geocell slope stabilization provided an easy-to-implement design, simplified construction and anchoring, and quick vegetation. Project partners had the option to utilize the most economical fills available and could secure the system simply on steep slopes while still resisting erosive forces.
The geocells were delivered on just 20 pallets for efficient shipping and installation. Each Ecoweb Geocell 200-712 (8 in) covered 150 sq. ft. of slope. In total, 860 panels (129,000 sq. ft.) were used. The cells were specified for being lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to chemical attack and photo-oxidation, giving the cultural installation optimal support.


The owner realized substantial cost savings on the up front materials and through the reduced construction window. Vegetation was quick to establish.
The cultural center’s beautification project is well on its way and its long-term stability is secure with geosynthetics.
Learn more about Ecoweb Geocellular Synthetics at www.geo-ecoweb.com.