Earlier this year, Solmax took on a very hot topic with a free webinar: managing geomembrane wrinkles. This session followed the discussion created by a Geosynthetic Institute webinar in which Dr. Robert Koerner spoke strongly against wrinkles left in or left to develop in a geomembrane installation. Solmax delivered a welcomed talk on the manufacturing approach to the subject.
Technical manager Doyin Adesokan, B. Eng. MSc led the session.

Some of the questions asked in the field, and which Solmax provided perspective on, include:

  • Using different geomembranes (e.g., white vs. black, textured vs. smooth)
  • Advancing the wrinkles ahead of backfill using the push/accumulate/cut/seam methods
  • Fixing berms
  • Using temporary tents over the geomembrane during installation
  • Timing the installation (morning or night)

The company looked at the manufacturing approach to and use of different geomembranes.


“In this webinar, we will look at the approach involving the use of different geomembranes,” the company writes, “—an approach that we have termed the manufacturing approach to wrinkles management. The potentials for geomembrane wrinkles management using white, textured and LLDPE geomembranes is evaluated, and the added unique benefits of these geomembranes for performance is highlighted using case study examples and research data as applicable.”
Solmax is one of the world’s largest geomembrane manufacturers.
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Managing Geomembrane Wrinkles: A Manufacturer’s Approach