July 12 Geopipe Webinar for IGS North America

The next IGS North America webinar will tackle one of the most necessary elements of modern infrastructure: geopipe. Dr. Michael Pluimer (University of Minnesota – Duluth) will lead the session, which is broadly targeted as an Introduction to Geopipe. The webinar will open a longer-term series on applications, specifications, and test methods associated with geopipe. Commonly offered in corrugated and smooth varieties and in a wide range of diameters and thicknesses, these polymeric pipe materials are essential to the success of a range of applications: water, wastewater, sewer, landfills, mining, residential and commercial development, utilities, etc.
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July 12 Geopipe Webinar for IGS North America


Pluimer’s session will detail types of geopipe (e.g., dual-wall pipe, polyethylene corrugated pipe, numerous other materials), raw material properties and resulting pipe properties, long-term durability, common specification requirements, and more. Essential engineering parameters such as stress cracking, oxidation resistance, UV degradation, and creep will be discussed.
Key topics include:

  • Types of geopipe
  • Raw material properties and resulting pipe properties
  • Long-term durability
  • Common specification requirements
  • And more

This IGS North America-hosted webinar is ideal for environmental engineers, infrastructure-owning agencies, design engineers, municipal engineers, regulators, general contractors, and other stakeholders.


July 12 Geopipe Webinar for IGS North AmericaMichael Pluimer holds a PhD in Civil Engineering (2016) from Villanova University and a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (2002) from the University of Minnesota. His PhD research was on the performance of corrugated HDPE pipe manufactured with post-consumer recycled content in commuter railroad applications. Dr. Pluimer developed and validated a service life model for pipes in these applications relative to both the fatigue- and creep-related slow crack growth failure mechanisms. The service life model utilized ASTM F3181, the Un-notched Constant Ligament Stress (UCLS) test, a new test method developed for corrugated HDPE pipe materials containing recycled content.
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