GeosPeru 2015GEOSPERU 2015 will be held 4 – 6 March 2015 in Lima. Hosted by the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Peruvian Chapter, the event will analyze the rapid growth of geosynthetics in Peru and the surrounding region. It will present exemplary projects, identify needs, and strengthen relationships between the field, regulators, education institutes, and other stakeholders.
In his invitation letter for the conference, IGS Peru President Ing. Augusto Alza Vilela writes, “Geosynthetics continue to confirm their technical and economic value in civil works. New materials have emerged to solve the current problems of engineering…. For geosynthetics and engineering, we see higher standards, testing laboratories, greater diversity and performance in design, new techniques, and improved quality assurance.”
He and many others in the field see a promising future for geosynthetics in Peru’s expanding infrastructure.


IGS Peru has long been an active chapter of the IGS, having successfully hosted a previous GEOSPERU event and GeoAmericas 2012. It has also helped coordinate and contributed to numerous Peru-based national engineering conferences and international events (e.g., heap leach conferences).
The strong knowledge foundation and historical involvement in geosynthetics has helped the conference attract a strong collection of international speakers.
Key speakers will include:

  • Dr. Braja M. Das
  • Dr. Jorge Zornberg
  • Dr. George Koerner
  • M. Sc. Torrealva
  • M. Sc. Alfredo Mansen

The conference’s latest flyers have announced the topics from two of those speakers.
Dr. Braja M. Das will present on “Bearing Capacity of Shallow Foundations on Georgid-Reinforced Sand Subjected to Vertical Eccentric and Centric Inclined Load.” He will summarize roughly 20 years worth of lab and field research on geogrids with shallow foundations. He will then address recent modeling to determine ultimate bearing capacity.
Dr. Jorge Zornberg will present on “Geosynthetics in Capillary Barriers.” He will discuss the theoretical background, laboratory data, and full-scale measurements soil-geosynthetic interaction in unsaturated conditions. The design relevance of this information and specific application discussion is included.

  • GEOSPERU 2015Geosynthetics in road works
  • MSE walls and slopes
  • Foundation reinforcement (geogrids, geotextiles)
  • Geomembrane durability
  • CQA of geosynthetic installation
  • Testing and laboratory accreditation
  • Design and construction with drainage geocomposites
  • Seismic reinforcement
  • Past, present, and future of geosynthetics

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