GeosPeru 2017

GeosPeru 2017
Mining is one of the major themes for GeosPeru 2017. Photo by Mark Smith.

GeosPeru 2017
GEOSPERU 2017 will be held 29 – 31 March 2017 at the Hotel Los Delfines in Lima, Peru. Hosted by the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) Peruvian Chapter, the event will analyze the rapid growth of geosynthetics in Peru and the surrounding region. The event will present exemplary projects, identify needs, and strengthen relationships between the field, regulators, educational institutes, and other stakeholders.
This is Peru’s 4th National Conference on Geosynthetics. The conference was last held in 2015.
The internationanl line up of speakers is notable. Dr. Robert Koerner (USA), Dr. Jorge Zornberg (USA), Dr. Chungsik Yoo (Corea), Dr. Robert Holtz (USA), Dr. Jorge Alva Hurtado (Perú),  Ing. Denys Parra Murrugarra (Perú) and Ing. Miguel Gino Mathews (Perú) are all on the schedule.
The technical sessions will add substantial opportunity to expand upon the topics these speakers are renowned for. Topics include:

  • Application, design, and regulation of geosynthetics in roads
  • Geosynthetics in tunnel engineering
  • Geosynthetics in dams
  • Applications of geosynthetics in mine and landfill closure
  • Geomembrane durability
  • Quality control and quality assurance of geosynthetics
  • Filtration and drainage geosynthetics
  • Uses and applications of geotextiles tubes, geocells, geomats, geobags, and other materials

The GEOSPERU 2017 exhibition hall continues to grow with more companies joining the event. Exhibitors and sponsors (by tier of support) include:

  • Platinum Sponsor
    • TDM
  • Gold Sponsor
    • Maccaferri
  • Bronze Sponsor
    • Andex
    • BOSTD
    • CETCO
    • Cidelsa
    • Coletanche
    • Feicheng Lianyi
    • Geosistemas PAVCO
    • Green Creek
    • GSE Environmental
    • TechFab India
    • Tierra Armada
  • Standard Sponsor
    • EcoWeb
    • PQA del Perú

Discounted registration is available through 15 February 2017.
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IGS PERU, a chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society, works to increase and promote the proper application of geosynthetics. The chapter also provides a forum where designers, manufacturers, and geosynthetic users exchange ideas, network, and improve their knowledge about geosynthetics in general.
Geosynthetica is a media partner to GEOSPERU 2017.