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New site, new gallery, new project stories from geosynthetic installer D&E Construction.

D&E Construction
A landfill cap installation. One of the many projects profiled on the new site.

VISALIA, California – D&E Construction (, one of the most experienced geosynthetic installation companies in the United States, has launched a new website. Project stories, video profiles, and key personnel biographies are part of the new offerings. With an updated, responsive design, the site automatically adjusts to the screen size and browser/operating system of the user, making it accessible to all tablet, smartphone, and standard computer platforms.
“We wanted a website that better reflected the high quality of what we do—what we have been doing for decades—and who we are,” says Eric Downs, President of D&E and a 26-year veteran of the geosynthetics field. “With the new site we have a way to more immediately share our experience with clients who may be less familiar with our record. And we have an accessible format that is as user-friendly as our company actively works to be in our client communications.”
In additional to the new project portfolio sections, an extensive gallery of high-quality site photographs has also been published on the new site to underscore the company’s work across multiple application and material sectors.
D&E is an expert installer of geomembranes, geotextiles, drainage and venting geocomposites, geonets, and geogrids.
Applications include:

  • landfills liners and caps
  • reservoirs
  • ponds
  • mining heap leach pads
  • floating covers
  • secondary containment
  • tank liners
  • embankment covers
  • animal waste digesters
  • canal liners
  • and many others

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D&E Construction, Inc. is an independent expert installer and dealer of geosynthetic materials. We are a dealer/installer of Agru, CETCO, GSE Environmental, Poly-Flex, and Skaps geosynthetic materials. D&E Construction was founded more than 20 years ago and our executive staff has over 75 years experience in the geosynthetic industry.