MoDNR to Host September CQA Week Courses MoDNR to Host September CQA Week CoursesMark Sieracke of Weaver Consultants Group will provide a special keynote lecture focused on Geosynthetic Protection and Covering on Thursday, September 8. The talk is part of CQA Week professional development events in Jefferson City, Missouri.
The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) is hosting this round of CQA Week engineering training 7 – 9 September 2016. The program is open to the general engineering, construction, and environmental community and is available at a substantially reduced rate. The single registration package gives attendees access to electrical leak location (ELL) / liner integrity survey training (September 7), Construction QA/QC for Geosynthetic Installations (September 8), and Construction QA/QC for Compacted Clay Liner & Geosynthetic Clay Liner Installation (September 9).
In addition to providing the Geosynthetic Protection and Covering keynote, Mark Sieracke will be on hand to join the discussion about the seaming of geomembranes.
Mark D. Sieracke, P.E. is an industry-recognized expert in the fields of landfill design and construction quality assurance (CQA). He serves as a Principal and Solid Waste Practice Area Manager for Weaver Consultants Group and over his career has served as a hands-on CQA practitioner, certifying engineer, and consultant for 1000+ acres of geosynthetic installations.
Sieracke has also served as a Technical Reviewer of the US EPA Technical Guidance Document: Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Waste Containment Facilities (EPA/600/R-93/182, Sept. 1993).
He contributes routinely to landfill failure investigations and constructibility reviews for design engineers, and he serves on the Waste Management Inc. (WMI) Geosynthetic Task Force, for which he creates the corporate standards for CQA.
All three courses are included in the single registration. MoDNR and regulatory rate: USD $195. Non-regulatory rate: USD $550.
The schedule:

Electrical Leak Location / Liner Integrity Surveys
7 September 2016

Construction QA/QC for Geosynthetic Installations
8 September 2016

Construction QA/QC for Compacted Clay Liner & Geosynthetic Clay Liner Installation
9 September 2016

ELL and geosynthetics CQA training complement and expand opportunities for engineering consulting and design practice and improve regulatory understanding of the field’s state of practice. MoDNR CQA Week participants will be provided a certificate of course completion, suitable for use in proposals and statements of qualifications for CQC/CQA work. These unique programs provide professional growth and exceptional business development opportunities.
The three-day gathering offers an enormous opportunity for professional development, business enhancement, and networking for engineers, government agencies, and other civil engineering stakeholders.
Instructors for CQA Week:

  • Abigail Beck, M.S., P.E. – Senior Engineer for TRI Environmental
  • Dr. Jeffrey Kuhn, P.E. – Director of TRI Geotechnical / Interaction Division
  • Sam Allen – Vice President and Division Manager, TRI

CQA Week is held twice annually, most often at the Austin, Texas headquarters of TRI Environmental. This is the first time CQA Week will be held in Missouri. Outside of Texas, previous events have been held in New York, Canada, Australia,the Philippines, and Brazil.
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