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Over the past 20 years, a lot has changed in the geosynthetics field. The material science has advanced substantially, such as with composite technologies and the temperatures at which geomembranes may be used. Testing, research, and long-term evaluations have provided enormous insights into service lives and sustainability in infrastructure. Installation practices and equipment have been refined. Market participation has increased in all aspects of the field around the world: education, events, design, manufacturing, etc.

Throughout this process, communication has been vital to the growth of geosynthetics.

This year, Geosynthetica celebrates its 20th anniversary. We are proud to have been part of the geosynthetics field’s amazing story, and we are excited to continue delivering your stories to the global engineering community.

As part of this anniversary, we’ll explore some of the high points from Geosynthetica and the field over the past two decades. (We’ve also unveiled a new look.)

MORE GEO HISTORY: The First International Conference on Geosynthetics, 20 April 1977

Geosynthetica screenshot from October 2000
The oldest screenshot of Geosynthetica on file: October 8, 2000. A lot has changed in the site’s design and content!


Geosynthetica spun out of a 1990s’ print publication: Industry Insight (I2). Dr. Ian D. Peggs saw a need for more practical and accessible communication of industry happenings. He wanted to provoke conversation around new designs, material advances, and the growing field of experts who had an opportunity to more widely share geosynthetics knowledge.

Peggs created a communications division within his renowned consultancy I-CORP INTERNATIONAL. That division launched Industry Insight. By 1999, the communications division had been renamed Geosynthetica in anticipation of launching the world’s first open-access website to share information about geosynthetics far more quickly. A landing page was established; and, in 2000, Geosynthetica began publishing a wide range of original content.

Photo of Ian Peggs Receiving IGS Recognition
Dr. Ian D. Peggs (center) was presented with Honorary Member status from the International Geosynthetics Society in 2018. Only a few practitioners have ever received this honor from the IGS.

Each issue of Industry Insight was published with the tagline “Communicating Advances in the Field of Geosynthetics.” That mission remains at the center of what Geosynthetica stands for.

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