GSI Issues RFP for 2017-2018 fellowshipsGeosynthetic Institute logoThe Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) has a long history of supporting student research and development projects with geosynthetics. The investment helps spur the next generation of understanding with geosynthetics. GSI has now opened the global request for proposals for its 2017-2018 fellowships for graduate students.
Masters and doctoral candidates are eligible to receive awards of up to $5,000 per research and development project. Multiple awards will be issued.


“Emphasis will be placed on relevant topics of interest and/or concern to the geosynthetics community,” writes Jamie Koerner, Special Projects Coordinator for GSI, in the 2017-2018 fellowships RFP.
Proposals must be submitted in a strict four-page format, no exceptions:

  • Page 1. Letter of recommendation from student’s department head or advisor
  • Page 2. Title and detailed abstract of proposed project
  • Page 3. Student’s resume
  • Page 4. Relevancy of topic to the geosynthetics community

Proposals are due to Jamie Koerner ( by e-mail by 12 June 2017. Winning awards will be announced by 4 August 2017.
The 9-person GSI Board of Directors will review all proposals and select the winning submissions for the 2017-2018 fellowships.


  • Geosynthetic reinforced pile supported embankments (2008)
  • Geosynthetic basal reinforcement (2009)
  • Experimental and numerical studies of elevated temperature effects on GS interface shear behavior (2010)
  • Deflocculants for geotextile tubes (2011)
  • Coextruded Geomembrane-Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (2013)
  • Clog behavior of con. aggregate in geotextile systems (2014)
  • Evaluation of Long-Term Internal Shear of GCLs in Mining Applications (2015)
  • Composite behavior of geosynthetic reinforced structures (2016)

View more graduate student fellowships from previous years and learn more about the GSI Fellowship program at