Geofabrics Australasia and Monash University have posted a two-part (two “chapter”) educational video series on geosynthetics in coastal protection applications. Part 1 (above) looks at the history and properties of the materials used; Part 2 (below) looks at installation.

The series takes full advantage of the longer video capability now allowed on video-hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. This coastal protection series runs a combined 57 minutes. Slides and live video have also been incorporated into the lecture presentation.

Coastal Protection DVDs Available

In addition to the availability of coastal protection lectures on YouTube and Vimeo, Monash University has some educational DVDs available of recent lectures on geosynthetic design, systems, applications, and installation. DVD 1 examines the performance of sand-filled containers in coastal protection and includes a discussion of test design and results. DVD 2 explores a coastal protection system in detail: properties, installation, and applications.

Download a series brochure (PDF) and contact Prof. Malek Bouazza about acquiring the DVDs:

Other videos from the lecture series will be made available soon.

View other geosynthetics education on the MrGeosynthetic Channel on YouTube.