Geosynthetic Interest Group of South Africa

Geosynthetic Interest Group of South AfricaThe Geosynthetics Interest Group of South Africa (GIGSA), which is a chapter of the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), has published its April 2013 GIGSA Newsletter. This edition continues the chapter’s traditional strong project stories, industry insight and opportunities, and trends in regulations.
Feature stories here focus on tailings dam construction, a letter from new GIGSA president Riva Nortjé, an update on South Africa’s standards impacting geosynthetics, reports from recent events, calls and registration notes for upcoming events, and more.


“We have a number of ideas for GIGSA going forward. One of these is to introduce a lecture series, similar to that organised by the SAICE Geotechnical Division….We are also looking to develop a one day course introducing geosynthetics to newly qualified engineers, to be offered
through SAICE’s Candidate Academy.” – From GIGSA President Riva Nortjé’s “Prez Sez” column
“A total of 87 delegates attended either or both of the two days in Pretoria, 31 delegates attended in Durban and 21 in Cape Town. This is the largest number of attendees to date for a GIGSA short course series….” – From a review of the 5-9 November 2012 geosynthetic reinforced soil and geotextile filtration short courses with Professor Jonathan Fannin.
“Driven by regulatory changes, tailings dam facility areas that previously were unlined would now have to be constructed with a liner system.” – From the feature article “Fraser Alexander Construction plays an active role contracting in the geosynthetic industry”
Read the April 2013 GIGSA News here (PDF)