Geosynthetica's GeoTalk Podcast

A lot of things have been disrupted by the global pandemic–including Geosynthetica’s GeoTalk podcast. While the host, Chris Kelsey, looks forward to resuming in-person interviews (such as at GeoU 2022 in Austin, Texas), the podcast is resuming production for in-person and online interviews for 2022!

GeoTalk covers innovation, design, technology, standards, and other advances shaping the fields of geosynthetics and geotechnical engineering.


Engineering succeeds—infrastructure succeeds—when we share our stories. GeoTalk’s listeners are the experts we seek to interview! We invite your participation.

What does appearing on the podcast require?

Each episode requires 15 – 20 minutes of your time. That’s it! The host will work out a few key points to frame a discussion ahead of recording and then let the dialogue follow its course.

Have a topic you’d like to hear or contribute to? Contact us. The 2022 season (beginning in February) will initiate a weekly release and a much more expansive series of conversations. Previous topics have included puncture protection design differences between Europe and the US, sediment retention devices, liner integrity surveys, and much more.

The host invites your suggestions for topics and experts to interview (including YOU). Sponsorships are available.

Make your voice heard!