Geosynthetica's GeoTalk Podcast

Geosynthetica’s GeoTalk podcast is returning in June with new episodes hosted by Geosynthetica’s Chris Kelsey and international consultant Tamara Tuttle. Episodes will be posted on Geosynthetica, linked to from social media, and available on iTunes and Spotify.

Geosynthetica’s GeoTalk covers innovation, design, technology, standards, and other advances shaping the fields of geosynthetics and geotechnical engineering.

Early episodes in the 2022 reboot will focus on sustainability and ocean health, coal ash, diversity and inclusion in engineering, and much more.


Engineering succeeds—infrastructure succeeds—when we share our stories. GeoTalk’s listeners are the experts we seek to interview! We invite your participation and sponsorship.

Have a topic you’d like to hear or contribute to? Contact us. The 2022 season will be a much more expansive series of conversations. The hosts invite your suggestions for topics and experts to interview (including YOU). Sponsorships are available.

Make your voice heard!