GCCM Installation Photo from GeoTree Solutions

In mid-2019, Clockspring|NRI acquired Milliken Infrastructure Solutions (MIS). Both companies had large portfolios with infrastructure repair-related technologies, such as pipe wrap and sleeves, epoxies, and geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCM). Now, with the integration process having well advanced, the company has announced a new corporate identity: GeoTree Solutions.


GeoTree is a legacy geopolymer brand name. MIS acquired the company GeoTree Technologies in 2012 and incorporated its brands, product lines, and production under its own banner. Clockspring|NRI saw an opportunity in its acquisition to capitalize on the legacy brand.

GeoTree Solutions Logo

The brand, the company notes, reflects “not only the roots of the GeoSpray geopolymer material, but also emphasizes the company’s connection in developing geotechnical and civil composite infrastructure solutions.”

Key sectors in which GeoTree Solutions operates include water and wastewater, roads and bridges, oil and gas infrastructure, and building and parking facilities.

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The company’s portfolio includes well-known infrastructure brands like GeoSpray®, Concrete Cloth™, RenewWrap®, Syntho-Shield™ and Syntho-Shore™.

Learn more at www.greentreesolutions.com.

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