“Resilience and Innovation” is the perfect theme for this year’s annual conference of the Canadian Geotechnical Society. Originally scheduled for Winnipeg, the organizers moved the conference online to provide a safe learning and networking environment, due to the on-going pandemic and international travel restrictions. Renamed GeoVirtual 2020, the conference has retained its technical muscle and top-tier industry support.

Be sure to register now for GeoVirtual 2020, which will take place live online September 14 – 16. The registration fees are quite low.

NOTE: Short courses are offered separately from the conference registration. Courses will be held online on September 17.


The Canadian Geotechnical Society is one of the oldest and most influential geotechnical societies in the world. This is the CGS’s first-ever online conference. The society plans to resume in-person conferences in 2021 (Niagara Falls) and has adjusted its long-term schedule to give Winnipeg another turn in the cycle to host (2022). In the meantime, the international community is turning to GeoVirtual 2020, which, like the International Geosynthetics Society’s (IGS) GeoAmericas 2020, will blaze a new trail in digital connection for the geotechnical field.

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  • Geosynthetics – Andrew Bidwell chairs an opening day technical session involving mine covers, MSE walls, and working platforms.
  • Landslides – In a year that has seen another sharp uptake in fatalities related to landslides–events caused by climate change and poor construction practices or poor road siting–the three sessions on Landslides & Geohazards are very welcomed.
  • Meditation (!!) – The organizers have built in meditation breaks to help online attendees stay fresh.
  • Special Sessions – The CGS has ensured that special sessions are not lost in the online transition. These sessions do not compete with any lectures or technical sessions, giving full audience to their points of focus. This year’s offerings include the CGS Colloquium; Young Professionals; Women in Geotechnique; awards; and more.
  • Networking – One of the fun items on the agenda is a BYO Wine & Cheese session. (We’re in!)

The full program is available here.

Geosynthetica encourages its readers to learn more about GeoVirtual 2020 at the event website: www.geovirtual2020.ca.