Graphene Applications - Graphene-Enhanced Geotextiles
Left to right: Chris Gilbey, CEO of Imagine; MP Sarah Henderson; Ross George, MD of Austeng.

Geofabrics Australasia - Field Trial of Graphene-Enhanced Conductive Geotextile
Conductive geotextiles could enhance CQA and installation economics for large lining projects, such as with coal seam gas operations.

Imagine IM (Imagine Intelligent Materials Pty Ltd) has been expanding the possibilities in graphene applications, work which has included new materials development in geosynthetics. The Sydney, Australia-based has just raised another $2 million in new capital. The influx of capital will support further development of conductive coatings and sensing technologies for industrial textiles.
In a release on the new investment, Imagine IM noted that the capital raising was lead by one of its existing shareholders, Sapsford Financial Services (SFS).
“The new capital will be used to accelerate optimization of the Company’s pilot Plant-In-A-Box (PIAB) in Geelong to meet the anticipated demand for its initial product offering, imgne® X3,” said Imagine in a statement. An Applications Development team will also be added to the Sydney office.


The first installation of imgne® X3-treated geotextiles (Geofabrics bidim®) is scheduled to take place in April at a coal seam gas site in Queensland. One of the graphene applications targeted to the geosynthetics field is to enhance the identification of leaks—holes—in a geosynthetic dam liner.
Graphene enhancements of geosynthetics show promise for leak location CQA, as well as data collection on changes in stress, temperature, and moisture with an engineered system.
“The development plan for [the Plant-In-A-Box] will result in the Company being able to offer under license a turnkey graphene manufacturing, functionalization and masterbatch production capability,” said Chris Gilbey, CEO of Imagine IM. “I believe this will be a major step forward towards making graphene a mainstream material and positioning Imagine IM as a significant participant in the global graphene applications industry with a primary focus on licensing.”
Imagine partners with third-party manufacturing companies in major international markets, such as through licensing agreements with industrial textiles companies.
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