Imagine IM Wins Innovation Award, Signs MOU with TenCateAustralia-based graphene solutions company Imagine Intelligent Materials (Imagine IM) has been selected to compete in the Startup Booster competition at JEC World 2017, the world’s largest composites show.
JEC World takes place 14 – 16 March 2017 in Paris. The Startup Booster event will be held on March 14.


Graphene solutions are arriving for a great many materials, including geosynthetics. In the geosynthetics field, graphene enhancement shows promise for leak location CQA and data collection on changes in stress, temperature, and moisture with an engineered system.
The first installation of imgne® X3-treated geotextiles (Geofabrics bidim®) is scheduled to take place in April at a coal seam gas site in Queensland.
This and other examples of the scalability of graphene solutions in industrial textiles will by presented at Startup Booster.
The event is a global competition sponsored by Airbus and Daimler and is aimed at identifying and promoting early-stage firms with innovative, potentially game-changing composite material products.
“We have proven our ability to deliver electrically conductive coatings in geotextiles that are more efficient, easier to install, and more economical than the alternatives,” said Imagine IM’s Head of R&D, Phil Aitchison. “Our goal is to leverage the conductivity we create using graphene to then deliver real-time reporting on environmental change – stress, moisture, temperature, and at very large scale. The Startup Booster will give us the opportunity to get on the radar of some of the largest potential customers in the world at one event.”
JEC World 2017 will feature more than 1,300 exhibitors from 90+ countries and more than 16 international pavilions.
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