On 27 February 2009, and held in conjunction with Geosynthetics 2009 (Salt Lake City, 25-27 February 2009), the Geosynthetic Institute will deliver the 22nd installment of its GRI conference series. GRI-22 has been formed under the title "It’s All in the Details." Here is the final program for the event:

Morning Session:
Moderator, George R. Koerner

Manufacturing and Testing Details

1. Needle Prevention, Detection and Removal in Manufacturing Reinforced GCLs,
J. T. Olsta and M. Phillips, CETCO

2. Small Details that Affect Exposed Liner Performance,
I. D. Peggs, I-Corp International, Inc.

3. It�s All in the Details; Textured Geomembrane Example,
R. E. Belanger, C. B. Queja and C. V. Zantua, Precision Geosynthetic Laboratories

4. Details to Meet the Test; Direct Shear and Transmissivity Issues
S. R. Allen, R. Lacey and J. Allen, TRI/Environmental, Inc.

Field Installation Details

5. Guidance on the Design and Construction of Leak-Resistant Geomembrane Boots and Attachments to Structures
R. Thiel, Vector Engineering and G. DeJarnett, Envirocon

6. To Batten or Not, and If So � How?
I. D. Peggs, I-Corp International, Inc. and D. T. Viljoen, Engineered Linings Ltd.

7. Transition Details for Turf Reinforcement Mats in Storm Water Channels
S. Manning, Propex, Inc.

8. Geocomposite Drainage Material Connections and Attachments
R. M. Koerner and G. R. Koerner, Geosynthetic Institute

Afternoon Session:
Moderator, Y. Grace Hsuan

Field Performance Details

9. Maximizing Sensitivities for Geoelectric Surveys on an Existing Final Landfill Cover,
T. Bauters and K. G. Haskell, Golder Assoc. Inc.

10. Smoke Testing of Spray Applied Geomembranes
G. R. Koerner and R. M. Koerner, Geosynthetic Institute

11. Exposed Geomembrane Cover Details
D. E. Hullings, Jones Edmunds & Associates

12. Challenges at Leachate Recirculation and Bioreactor Landfills
K. McKeon and B. Schwartzott, AECOM

13. The Devil is in the Details; Segmental Retaining Wall Design Minutea?
J. N. Paulson, REDI Engineering, Inc.

14. Drainage Details and Stormwater Design Considerations for Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls
A. S. Filshill, CETCO Contracting Services Co.

New Devices, Concepts and Specifications

15. Characterization of Textured Geomembranes Predictive of Interface Properties: Demonstration of a New Technology
B. J. Ramsey and J. Youngblood, GSE Lining Technology

16. Clay Nanoparticle Formulated Geotextiles Used in Geoenvironmental Applications
H.-Y. Jeon, GSI-Korea, Inha University

17. Its in the Details; Specification Issues
P. E. Oliveira, Firestone Specialty Products

Conference Closure: Robert M. Koerner

Drs. Robert Koerner and George Koerner are with the Geosynthetic Institute, www.geosynthetic-institute.org.