GSE Environmental Introduces New Generation Capping System GSE Environmental Introduces New Generation Capping SystemGSE Environmental is enjoying a very active year. In February, the company was awarded a patent for its CoalDrain geocomposite, which is designed specifically for work with coal combustion residuals. It also released a series of three RoaDrain subsurface drainage control products for roadway performance. Now, GSE has announced the launch of GSE LiteEarth™, a patented synthetic grass capping system developed for long-term closure of solid and hazardous waste landfills, coal ash impoundments, brownfields, mining containment sites, and more.
The LiteEarth capping system consists of an EPDM geomembrane that is factory-bonded to synthetic grass. The grass is manufactured with a UV stabilizer to help retain its color and tensile properties. The flexibility of the capping system adjusts easily to varying cap terrain and long-term differential settlement. For installation, the process is quick, as the system uses trenchless earth anchors and a simple seaming process that does not require welding, stitching or sand ballast.
“The LiteEarth capping system provides an economical alternative to traditional capping systems that require 3 to 5 feet of soil, infill, and grass,” GSE writes in a release. “Eliminating these materials not only reduces the cost of design, construction, and natural resources, but it saves thousands of dollars per acre every year in maintenance costs.”


The LiteEarth release has come about through a strategic alliance between GSE Environmental and LiteEarth to bring the capping system to market after years of independent laboratory testing.
LiteEarth director Chuck Fleishman is excited by the partnership with GSE.
“We needed a market leader with strength to position LiteEarth in the market,” he says. “GSE’s technical and engineering expertise will help specifiers and end users to better understand the dynamic value of [this capping system].”
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