Designing with Geosynthetics Online CourseThe Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) continues to push geosynthetics education and professional development in forward-thinking ways. In 2012, GSI Director Emeritus Dr. Robert Koerner acquired full publishing rights to his seminal Designing with Geosynthetics textbook and released its 6th edition with a two-volume electronic option (e.g., Amazon Kindle) available for less than $4 per volume. The Institute followed with the creation of a monthly live webinar program. Now, GSI has announced a Designing with Geosynthetics online course.
The new distance-learning course follows the 914-page 6th edition of Designing with Geosynthetics. Using an Adobe Connect platform, participants can access 1540 slides, divided into 15 sections, with voiceover guidance and reference to specific pages in the textbook.
For those who prefer printed editions, they may also acquire hardback ($80) or softback ($60) volumes of Designing with Geosynthetics.
Regarding the online course version of the book, Dr. Koerner notes that “The total effort is comparable to a complete academic year of geosynthetics, as has been taught for many years at Drexel University and some other universities as well.”
GSI is offering the course for $1000 for its members and $3000 of nonmembers. Access to the presentations is available for six months after course purchase. GSI is also offering a certificate of completion for course takers who successfully pass a 150-question multiple choice examination. There are 10 questions for each of the 15 sections.
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