Ten years ago, the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) Board established the GSI Fellows program. Since then, the institute has provided an exceptional level of support to student-centered research and development projects involving geosynthetics. The investment helps spur the next generation of understanding with geosynthetics and the impact of the program is recognized in the field today. The 2018 – 2019 GSI Fellows have now been announced, and the class size (14) is extraordinary, as are the research interests.
GSI Fellows 2018 - 2019

GSI FELLOWS 2018 – 2019

“The GSI Fellowship program recognizes and supports outstanding students from around the world studying geosynthetics,” writes Jamie Koerner, Special Projects Coordinator for GSI. “The GSI Fellows for this year continue to represent candidates pursuing a master’s degree, as well as a doctoral degree. The amount awarded to each fellowship recipient is $5000.”
The GSI Fellows for 2018 – 2019, their topics, and their project advisors are:

Alaa Alsharabaili, University of South Carolina. “Strain hardening method to evaluate the crack resistance of virgin and aged geomembranes.” Advisor: Charles Pierce

Nuzhath Faterna, Syracuse University. “Role of geotextiles in dewatering tests.” Advisor: Shobha Bhatia

Anahita Goudarzi, Texas A&M. “Experimental and numerical simulation of geosynthetic reinforcement soil interaction.” Advisor: Jean-Louis Briaud

Sangy Hanumasagar, Georgia Tech. “Experimental and numerical evaluation of lateral confinement of aggregates in geogrid stabilized flexible pavements.” Advisor: David Frost

Conor McCafferty, Drexel University. “Numerical modeling to simulate dewatering process of GT tubes filled with fine-grained slurries.” Advisor: Grace Hsuan

Anna Norris, Colorado State University. “Indicator parameter test development for screening the hydraulic compatibility of enhanced bentonites.” Advisor: Joseph Scalia

Seyed Rahmaninezhad, University of Kansas. “Bearing capacity and deformation of GS walls with flexible facing subjected to footing loads.” Advisor: Jie Han

Sung Ryoo, University of Maryland. “Hydraulic compatibility of GT compost systems in landfill covers.” Advisor: Ahmet Aydilek

Bhaman Sheikh, Penn State. “Breakwater design guidelines for GT tube applications.” Advisor: Tong Qiu

Mosta Thabo, National Pingtung University. “Effects of grass and rolled erosion control products at different growth stages on the Manning’s coefficient in channel flow.” Advisor: Wayne Hsieh

Saad Ullah, George Mason University. “Experimental methodology to evaluate long-term performance of GT to minimize the migration of soft clay into highway base courses.” Advisor: Burak Tanyu

Dongfang Wang, University of Mass Amherst. “Improvement of GCLs with super hydrophobic hybrid organic-inorganic polymeric powder.” Advisor: Guoping Zhang

Jason Wright, University of Georgia. “Utilization of accelerated pavement layers due to use of GS materials.” Advisor: Sonny Kim

Xiaolong Xia, Missouri University. “Photogrammetric method to measure 3D full field displacement of GS during the tensile test.” Advisor: Xiong Zhang

View fellowship topics from previous years and learn more about the GSI Fellowship program at http://geosynthetic-institute.org/gsifellows.htm.
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