Landfill Expansion Webinar from GSIBy Robert Koerner – With literally thousands of old landfills scattering the worldwide landscape, their upgrading (via lateral and vertical expansions) to an engineered landfill is clearly possible to accomplish.  This is obviously the case for existing landfills needing greater capacity as well.  A key aspect for old landfills is to provide proper liner systems; these being geosynthetic materials related.  For existing landfills with proper lining systems the situation is much more straightforward. GSI invites you to join the Wednesday, April 9 webinar on landfill expansion.
Landfill Expansion“Lateral and Vertical Expansions Over Old and Existing Landfills”
Wednesday, 9 April 2014
11:30 am – 1:00 pm (EDT)

The webinar will begin by describing the situation, then proceed to lateral and vertical expansions.
In lateral expansions, orientation, cross sections, foundation settlement, liner system behavior, geosynthetic selection and design details (including translational stability) are explained.  In vertical expansions, general conditions, cross sections, estimating total settlement, estimating and designing against differential settlement and design details (including accelerated decomposition of the waste) are explained.
Lastly, a section on post-closure landfill uses is included.

Webinar Learning Objectives

Participants will understand the adverse situations of old and/or abandoned landfills and how they can be upgraded and used in an environmentally safe and secure manner.  The strategy is the same for adding waste fill capacity for modern engineered landfills.  Critical in this regard are the distinctions between lateral design and vertical design.  These two design situations will be addressed in detail.  Each requires at least six separate issues in order to provide the proper outcome.  Lastly, several innovative and clever post-closure uses for closed landfills will be presented and described accordingly.

Landfill Expansion Webinar Benefits

  • Understand the scale of adverse nature of abandoned landfills
  • Understand how these situations can be transformed to viable engineered landfills for additional use
  • Understand how existing engineered landfills can be extended for additional waste placement via lateral and/or vertical expansions
  • Learn design details necessary for such lateral and vertical expansions
  • Learn how to rapidly accelerate solid waste masses so as to mitigate the long-term effects of undesired settlement
  • Learn about innovative and clever post-closure uses for closed landfills

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