Heap Leach Solutions 2014The Second International Conference on Heap Leach Solutions (Heap Leach Solutions 2014) will be held 10 – 13 November 2014 in Lima, Peru. Organized by Infomine, the event builds upon the success of the inaugural event, which was held in Vancouver in 2013; and brings it right into the heart of South America’s resource-rich mining industry.
The conference is characterized by high-quality presentations, learning, and networking opportunities. Geosynthetics professionals will find no shortage of dedicated content and experts.
Heap leach padsKey geosynthetic presentations:

  • Geosynthetic design issues in deeper heap leach pads
    Denys Parra, Carlos César and Javier Mendoza, Anddes Asociados S.A.C. Peru
  • Application and construction methods for geosynthetic clay liners (GCL) in heap leach pad projects
    Hilda Garay, Gerson Mezarina, Javier Mendoza and Carlos César, Anddes Asociados S.A.C., Peru
  • Performance of heap leach drainage pipes under high loads
    Claudio Roman and Ignacio Atucha, AMEC, Chile
  • Influence of geosynthetic lining system on the geotechnical stability of heap leach pads
    Jose Ale and Humberto Preciado, AMEC, Peru; Claudio Román, AMEC, Chile
  • White surface liner, an indirect way to extend geomembrane life span: a comparison between white and black PE geomembranes
    Mauricio Ossa Defilippis, GSE Environmental, USA
  • Heap leach pads – the importance of proper testing, interpretation and analysis of soil liner geomembrane interfaces
    Guillermo Barreda, Knight Piésold Consultores, Perú
  • Technical advances in GCLs for added value in heap leach pad liners
    F. Castillo, CETCO, Chile; Chris Athanassopoulos, CETCO, USA

Also, with the heavy incorporation of geosynthetics in heap leaching—keep in mind that up to 40% of the world’s annual production of geomembranes is used by the mining industry—there are plenty of other presentations that have geosynthetics and affiliated technologies as a secondary focus.
In the abstracts list, under “Leach Mechanics,” for example, one can find liner integrity surveys. The paper “Maximizing productivity in heap leach pads through dipole surveying” will be contributed by Silverio Prota (Anddes Argentina S.A.), Denys Parra (Anddes Asociados S.A.C, Peru), and Abigail Beck (TRI Environmental, USA).
Under “Cost Estimation,” one can find Mark Smith (RRD International Corp., USA) and Denys Parra (Anddes Asociados S.A.C., Peru) preparing a paper on “Leach pad cost benchmarking,” which will certainly include how and when to select geosynthetics for operational efficiency and economical advantages.
Learn more and register at www.heapleachsolutions.com.
Geosynthetics Mining Solutions 2014 (11 – 13 September 2014, Vancouver, Canada)