HUESKER HaTelit Paving Interlayer Geotextile Encased Column - RingtracHUESKER MinegridThe HUESKER webinars have established a good following. The company has announced three more for February and one for March. These concise, free, engineering sessions, all of which are less than 30 minutes, will address pavement interlayers, geotextile-encased columns, mining reinforcement and safety, and coal ash engineering with geosynthetics.
The coal ash session (March 2) is a repeat of a highly attended session on the topic in January.
The schedule, with links to flyers and online registration:
February 4
2:00pm (EST)
HaTelit® Paving Interlayers
HaTelit® is designed specifically to improve the life-cycle performance of hot mix asphalt overlays. By mitigating reflective cracking, HUESKER’s family of paving interlayers can address a variety of pavement distresses. This increases the time between pavement restoration and maintenance intervals, which decreases the annualized maintenance costs of an installation.

February 12
11:00am (EST)
For more than 20 years, Minegrid® has been used to recover longwalls, support ribs, and reinforce highwalls in mines and quarries around the world. The Minegrid ® product line has proven itself in the extreme conditions common to mining.  The webinar focuses on the applications in which Minegrid® is utilized, how it performs, its safety record, and other benefits, including enhanced safety, production, and profitability.

February 18
2:00pm (EST)
Geotextile Encased Columns
Ringtrac® Geotextile Encased Column (GEC) system was specially developed as a foundation solution for earthwork structures built on weak subsoils. The pile-like load-carrying system is a quick, cost-effective method of providing a foundation for embankments on ground with low bearing capacity. The free, February 18 webinar on the system will in < 30 minutes detail its design, functions, and performance.

March 2
2:00pm (EST)
Coal Ash Geosynthetic Solutions
EXTRA SESSION! This webinar was held in January and very well attended. To accommodate more participants, HUESKER has scheduled this extra session for March 2. During the 20 – 30-minute webinar, Lilma Schimmel, the company’s head of engineering, will detail the requirements of and benefits to geosynthetics in coal ash management and site controls.