For years, members of the International Association of Geosynthetic Installers have discussed the possibility of a geomembrane welding competition at a major event. Attendees of these conferences routinely witness welding equipment demonstrations at equipment maker booths, but structuring an actual competition has been complicated. In 2019, though, the GeoGames will become a reality.

IAGI GeoGames 2019
Photo by Raven Engineered Films Division

“Twelve teams of 2 to 3 IAGI-certified technicians (CWTs) will be selected to compete in this exciting, new, historic competition,” the group writes on its website. “Twelve liner installation companies from around the world will have a shot at representing their colors and at winning the first title and trophy for ’Best International Geosynthetics Installation Company.”
The competition will take place 12 February 2019 in Houston at Geosynthetics 2019.


The installation side of geosynthetics is not typically represented as well in major geosynthetics events, because a lot of the focus is placed on manufacturing, research, and design. The development of the GeoGames will put not just high-level representatives of installation companies in the venue, it will showcase the field labor expertise that so many engineers never witness.
It’s a fun way to introduce many conference attendees to the vital work that happens out where the boots get dirty and enable ambitious projects to go into service.
IAGI invites sponsors for the GeoGames. All sponsorships are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
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