Concrete protection is an essential element in extending the lifespan of many critical pieces of infrastructure, such as in wastewater treatment facilities. Concrete protection liners (CPL) help prevent corrosive compounds and gases from damaging these structures.

On September 10 at 2:00pm CDT, the International Association of Plastics Distribution (IAPD) will host a concrete protection liners webinar featuring AGRU America’s Ernie Heins, P.E.

Heins serves as the company’s Business Unit Manager for CPL & Tunneling Products. He brings more than three decades of experience to the discussion, with a robust background in the design, operation, and maintenance of containment and engineered systems utilizing geosynthetics and other thermoplastic materials.



A central piece to the examples one will see in the webinar is the Sure-Grip® concrete protective liners from AGRU. These lining systems, made of HDPE, HDPE-el, PP, PVDF and ECTFE, have been used in the field for more than 30 years as a long-term alternative to spray-applied concrete protection products.

Heins will present on:

  • The five types of damage that can compromise the integrity of unprotected concrete structures
  • The differences between regular linings and Sure-Grip concrete protective liners
  • Testing methods used to benchmark these infrastructure-extending lining systems

Time will be given for Q&A.


Installation of Concrete Protection Liners at a Vancouver wastewater treatment plant..
The City of Vancouver has used concrete protection liners extensively to extend the service life of its wastewater infrastructure and prepare for strong population growth.


Since the early 1990s, Metro Vancouver has utilized AGRU’s Sure-Grip® on at-risk concrete structures exposed to and in contact with wastewater. As part of the expansion effort at the Annacis wastewater treatment facility, the primary influent channel, pre-aeration tanks, and primary effluent channels were expanded. These new constructions used AGRU-Ultra Grip® to line the walls and ceilings. Ultra Grip is a new version of Sure-Grip and utilizes an enhanced anchoring system design.

WATCH: How Vancouver’s Wastewater Infrastructure Prepares for Growth

The WWTP concrete protection works in Vancouver are important. The city anticipates growing by another million residents by 2041. Serving nearly 3.5 million people will require a flexible, resilient wastewater infrastructure. The increased population will weigh heavily on the city’s existing infrastructure, requiring upgrades or new developments to fill the gap.

The expansion of the Annacis Island wastewater treatment facility is a strong example of how the city is preparing for continued, strong growth. Concrete protection liners are an important part of the infrastructure plan.

Learn more about AGRU’s work with Sure-Grip and related concrete protection strategies
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