Geosynthetic barriers and systems provide essential containment of fluids in a wide variety of applications. One of the most important is for the protection and management of water resources. Certification for suitability in these applications has become increasingly important, internationally. HUESKER’s Incomat geosynthetic concrete mattress, for example, has been granted raw and potable water compatibility certification in Germany.
Photo by HUESKER of Incomat geosynthetic concrete mattress
The certification investigation was conducted on the basis of the German guideline for hygienic assessment of elastomers in contact with drinking water (Elastomer Guideline, published by the German Federal Environment Agency).
Specifically, the Incomat® Standard geosynthetic concrete mattress was recognized for compatibility with potable water contact as well as for lining raw water channels.


The line of Incomat geosynthetic concrete mattresses are made of two high-tensile synthetic woven layers connected by variable-length spacers. The void between the highly durable woven layers is filled in-situ with fluid concrete. Depending on the type of Incomat, the result is a permeable or impermeable concrete revetment of uniform thickness.
The compatibility investigations found that no impact on raw water was to be expected from the geosynthetic material used for Incomat Standard. In this context, raw water refers to water that is extracted directly from a water body, well, or bank filtrate and subsequently treated for potable water production.
Photo by HUESKER: Incomat Pipeline Cover
Importantly, the certification extends to piping systems, via the Incomat Pipeline Cover product. This variety of the product line protects pipelines against mechanical action, buoyancy, and uplift. And, as a material that may be prefabricated, it can be efficiently installed on site without the need for elaborate shuttering.
HUESKER notes that these geosynthetic concrete mattresses are also classed as environmentally harmless under M Geok E 2016 (Guidance Paper on the Use of Geosynthetics in Earthworks for Roadbuilding Projects) and BBodSchV (German Federal Soil Protection and Contaminated Sites Ordinance).


While this certification pertains to environmental suitability investigations in Germany, they tell a proper story of the international need for high-quality materials in geosynthetic containment applications. These materials and systems are engineered for specific performance level s and application scenarios, and where they are utilized it is almost always contacted to environmental strength, cost advantages, and construction efficiency.
Graphic of HUESKER's Incomat geosynthetic concrete mattress cover
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