Photo of Restaurant Interior Design with Geocells

If you visit a geosynthetic manufacturing center, distribution warehouse, or job site, you’ll often find unique uses of the materials. Installers might use extra scraps of HDPE to weld together tool-carrying buckets. Geogrid manufacturers or distributors might use an extra cut from a roll as a trellis to allow vines and flowers to grow up along a green space on site. Occasionally, you’ll discover art work created out of scrap.

From time to time, you also encounter unique uses of materials—by design. The use of geocells for the interior design of a new restaurant in India provides a strong example.


Strata Geosystems has been involved in this new restaurant concept in the city of Pune, the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. The client, Strata reports, is Riva – Gourmet under the Sky. The architect is DNC Architects.

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“They were looking for an unconventional design for their restaurant interiors,” Strata reports. “They stumbled upon StrataWeb®, and with Strata’s variety of color options they were able to pick the perfect décor for their restaurant.”

Photo of Restaurant Interior Design with Geocells

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, and while menus and a restaurant’s culture are a key part of its success, interior design is also a tremendous source of influence on a diner’s experience. The client in this case wanted a look that was unconventional but tasteful and clean.

StrataWeb® (SW 445-100) was used to cover the ceiling, some of the walls, and the architectural pillars. The general décor of the restaurant was beige, so the custom-color of the geocells helped deliver visual impact for the room without competing with the other interior design elements. The cell size of the geosynthetic was also selected to optimize the architectural design.

Beyond the aesthetics, the client found the geosynthetic solution to be quick to execute—much as geocellular systems are in civil applications.

Learn more about the use of StrataWeb®, including more common applications like load support, retaining walls, and erosion control, at the Strata Geosystems website.