The Internet of Smart Materials Conference will be held August 17 at Swinburne University (Australia) and explore manufacturing opportunities and how graphene-enhanced materials can help revolutionize data collection and performance understanding in infrastructure, science, daily life, and more.
Imagine IM, which has developed the world’s first graphene-enhance geotextile with Geofabrics Australasia, is a major partner to the event.

Photo of Graphene-Enhanced Geotextile Installation, which will be profiled at the Internet of Smart Materials Conference
Photo of graphene-enhanced geotextile installation. From Geofabrics Australasia. The technology will be profiled at the Internet of Smart Materials Conference.

The event will also serve as the launching point for the Graphene Supply Chain CRC-P, a research initiative aimed “at understanding how replicability of materials functionality can be achieved, ensuring that the quality assurance necessary for manufacturers is made possible.”
The successful incorporation of graphene into geosynthetics will be one of the featured case studies at the one-day event. A presentation will show how the graphene-enhanced geotextile enables leak detection in dams and containment ponds.
“The same approach is being taken to deliver monitoring of structural integrity in mine walls, traffic monitoring on smart roads, fabric sensors, and switches for smart cars, and healthcare applications,” writes Imagine IM in a pre-conference release. “These are all innovations being productised in Australia for export to a global market.”
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The first confirmed speakers for the event include:

  • Amir Vahid Dastjerdi, Manager, Analytics and Iot, PwC Australia. Dastjerdi will present on “IoT – The $11 trillion question”.
  • Professor Bronwyn Fox, Director, Swinburne University’s Factory of the Future. Fox joined Swinburne in 2015 after serving as research director at Deakin University’s world-class Carbon Nexus centre.
  • Terrance Barkan, Executive Director of The Graphene Council (USA). Joining via video link, Barkan will present on “The Global Graphene Opportunity”.
  • Ray Gibbs, CEO, Haydale Graphene Industries (UK). Gibbs is a leading industrialist in the world of advanced materials, and will discuss “Graphene Composites: The Benefits”.
  • Simon Savage, CEO, Ionic Industries. Savage heads an Australian company developing graphene-based supercapacitor and water filtration technologies.
  • Professor Dan Li, Co-Director, Monash Centre for Atomically Thin Materials, Monash University. Li, a leading graphene research scientist, will present on “Inter-Netting Graphene For Smart Applications.
  • Associate Professor Joe Razal, ARC Future Fellow, Deakin University. Razal, who is using graphene to change the nature of fibres, will discuss “Why Conductive Fibres Are Important”.
  • Dr Shaun Smith, Research Group Leader: Fibre Innovation And Composites, CSIRO. Smith will present on “Manufacturing New Materials At Scale”.
  • Ramon Tozer, Partner, Davies Collison Cave. Tozer, a leading Australian patent attorney and specialist on matters related to chemistry, will present on “Why Protecting IP Can Be Critical To Realising The Value Of Innovation”.

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