Global Synthetics is partnering with NAUE Geosynthetics (Germany and Malaysia) and Skaps (USA) to offer a series of four landfill seminars across Australia in August. The event, Advances in Landfill Design and Specification Using Geosynthetics, will feature international experts and state-of-practice insight into the latest technology in landfill and containment structures. Also of emphasis will be best practices in product selection, design, construction, and final facility acceptance using geosynthetic products.
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Four Australia Landfill Design Seminars Headline August Opportunities
Photo by Global Synthetics

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  • Perth –6 August 2018
  • Brisbane – 8 August 2018
  • Sydney –9 August 2018
  • Melbourne –10 August 2018

Speaking at the event will be Prof. Richard Brachman (Queen’s University, Canada), Kent von Maubeuge (NAUE, Germany), and Boyd Ramsey (Principal, Boyd Ramsey Consultant). Together they offer a wealth of research, product design, specification, and field experience. Attendees will also be treated to morning and afternoon teas, lunch, and a closing drinks reception.
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In the initial invite, Global Synthetics writes:

Geosynthetics are not new, [having been used] since the mid 1970s. There has been an improved understanding of the function and performance of such geosynthetics during these 40 years of history and field  performance…. An increased level of use of these products with continued product development, improved design procedures, increasing regulatory governance, and the development of more sophisticated research both in the laboratory and in the field [have ensured] that the selected geosynthetic product fulfills the intended design function over the intended design life.

Four Australia Landfill Design Seminars Headline August Opportunities
Photo by Global Synthetics


  • Three world-class speakers who will deliver the latest in research and industry trends in landfill design
  • Critical aspects that should be addressed with respect to potential puncture of geomembranes with drainage layer installation. How can these issues be overcome?
  • Side wall erosion of bentonite within a geosynthetic clay liner when left exposed. How can these issues be overcome?
  • Research showing the short-term benefits of polymer addition into geosynthetic clay liners and the longer-term reduction of installed bentonite properties and elution of the polymer. How can these issues be overcome?
  • The use of specialty coated geosynthetic clay liners to overcome issues of desiccation, ion exchange, and gas emission.
  • A rationale procedure for design of geonets and geocomposite in drainage (fluids and gases) for landfill bases and caps.
  • How to design and monitor an effective CQA plan.