Layfield Geosynthetics
Layfield’s new facility is located in the center of the US’s primary shale plays.

WEIRTON, WV – As a leading geomembrane manufacturer to the Oil & Gas industry, Layfield Environmental Systems is pleased to announce its newest distribution center located 2700 Harmon Creek Road, Colliers, WV. 

Layfield specializes in manufacture and fabrication of high quality frac tank liners and pads, oil pit liners, and well pad liners for the upstream oil & gas sector. We also provide a full line of geogrids, geotextiles and other geosynthetics used for soil reinforcement of access roads and lease sites.
To better services the Marcellus and Utica shale plays, our new Weirton distribution facility can provide 24 hour shipment service in the Marcellus / Utica region. The Weirton distribution center is one of several new distribution centers opened in North America and globally within the last year.

Layfield Geosynthetics Warehouse, Weirton WVHydraulic fracturing technology has created a need to safely store large amounts of fresh water, recycled and produced water. Layfield’s Enviro Liner® brand is the leading geomembrane used for frac tank liners. Layfield provides both stock frac tank liner sizes and custom fabricated liner sizes. Layfield has been servicing the Oil & Gas sector in North America for over 35 years.

For more information please contact:

Steve Valero
+1 404 557 5884