Maccaferri is one of the world’s biggest geosynthetics companies. It also has a strong international reputation for its wire mesh products, such as gabions and geohazards mitigation materials (e.g.., rockfall netting). With the introduction of the new GalMac® coating for the company’s double-twist wire mesh products, a wide variety of geotechnical designs are getting a substantial boost in corrosion resistance.
Maccaferri Enhances Corrosion Resistance in Double-Twist Geotechnical Steel
Billed as a “A New Twist on Double-Twist,” the GalMac® corrosion resistance coatings outperform standard galvanized by at least two times in many environments.
Maccaferri’s Williamsport, Maryland manufacturing facility began large-scale production of the coating series in September 2017. This includes standard GalMac® corrosion resistance and a GalMac®+ Polymer-coated variety.
These double-twist products are being distributed throughout the United States and Canada.
Corrosion resistance advantages include:

  • Increased durability over galvanized wire
  • Longer-lasting in demanding environments
  • Lower life-cycle cost
  • 100% American steel, fabricated in Maryland

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Gabions are used widely in geotechnical applications. Maccaferri engineers them with double-twisted hexagonal woven steel wire mesh. These cages are delivered flat-packed, assembled on job sites, and filed with stones. The resulting, highly durable cages for use in revetments, spillways, bank stabilization, MSE walls, and many other applications.
Geosynthetics, such as geotextiles and geogrids, are frequently used in conjunction with gabions. In these designs, the geosynthetics provide separation and reinforcement.
In addition to gabions, Maccaferri produces related double-twist wire mesh products that utilize corrosion resistance coatings to maximize geotechnical service lives. These variations include:

  • Jumbo gabions
  • Pre-filled gabions
  • Green gabions (e.g., for streambank designs)
  • Trapezoidal structures (MacSoil) for low-height walls and naturally vegetated slopes
  • Cylindrical baskets (sack gabions)
  • Units for stronger faces and higher loads

Learn more about these options and find case studies on Maccaferri’s gabions page.