Mark Wolschon of Environmental Protection Inc (EPI)
Mark Wolschon (left) with EPI President Dan Rohe

Environmental Protection Inc.’s (EPI) Mark Wolschon has achieved a career milestone: his silver anniversary in quality control. EPI honored Wolschon in late May for his 25 years of service to the Michigan-based fabricator and installer.
Wolschon has been a strong influence not only within the 36-year-old company’s operations but within the geosynthetics industry. He has been a participant on multiple ASTM standardization efforts (e.g., D71077 and D7408). The company even has an in-house accelerated aging test for PVC chemical fusion welds that it refers to as the Wolschon Test.
Following a special company lunch held in Wolschon’s honor, EPI sent out a notice of the anniversary to its customer list.
“In addition to being the lead in our QC lab, Mark spent years on the road during our install days field testing seams,” the notice read. “Mark is responsible for the statistical process control functions on the quality of all incoming material and factory seam fabrication. He serves as the EPI representative to ASTM and has been a Task Group Leader for many newly developed standards for PVC geomembranes.”
Prior to his tenure with EPI, Wolschon earned recognition for process and quality control expertise in the automotive industry. His full biography can be viewed here.
The company’s commitment to quality, bolstered by the type of experience that Wolschon brings, is one of the reasons it was able to serve the 840+ acre Columbus Upgrade Reservoir Project.  A case study on that work is available on EPI’s website.
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