Presto Geosystems MSE WallsMechanically stabilized earth constructions, such as MSE walls, have enabled economical, safe, more vertical constructions. Often, these designs have yielded shorter construction windows, offered vegetated faces, and reduced the amount of land that must be disturbed in construction. These benefits have made MSE walls dependable sources of project savings and sustainability credits.
PRESTO GEOSYSTEMS, which owns one of the original geocellular confinement technologies (Geoweb®), has released a free, licensed software program focused on MSE Walls utilizing geocells.
This is a welcomed addition to the field.
Geocells have long been used in soil stabilization and confinement applications, but the materials have recently gained greater implementation in MSE walls and more robust base reinforcement applications. Geocells are even a major portion of the new Giroud-Han reinforcement design lectures (available on-demand). Essentially, this material sector is finally getting recognized widely for everything it has been engineered for.
Of note, this new software was developed by Dov and Ora Leshchinsky (ADAMA Engineering), a specialty firm that has created some of the most renowned reinforcement design software in the world.
MSE Wall - Presto GeocellsIn an October release, PRESTO has outlined the software. Some of the highlights:

  • Creates vegetated and non-vegetated MSE designs
  • Enables reinforced slopes, gravity walls, and geogrid-reinforced walls.
  • Based on industry-standard design methods
  • Algorithms capture the unique interaction between the geocell, infill/backfill soil, geogrid reinforcement, and special factors of safety
  • Full graphic design analysis output
  • Works with PRESTO’s SPECMaker® Specification Tool

Learn more about the software and request a license at the company’s website.


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