NAUE News - Erosion Control
Emergency response: Halting severe erosion of Suffolk’s coastline with geocontainers.

International geosynthetics manufacturer NAUE has released the 41st issue of its company newsletter, NAUE News. Published semi-annually, the News is celebrating its 18th year of publication.
The June 2013 issue looks at the opening to work in much of the world this year (due to inclement weather), scour protection, recreational lagoons, and foundation improvement. Topics of sustainability, including biogas facility construction and climate change are incorporated, as are discussions of harmonizing waste management codes between nations.
In terms of materials technology, a project story involving Bentofix® X geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) provides interesting fodder for how special polymeric coatings are changing barrier designs.
Download a copy of NAUE News #41 here (PDF)
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