Mahina-TST has grown quickly behind lines of geotextiles, geogrids, geocomposites, and turf reinforcement mats. Now, it’s turning its manufacturing technical knowledge to erosion control applications with the expanded release of its needlepunched biomat, Linotex Eco.
The organic mat is engineered for the rapid vegetation development and protection of soil from surface erosion processes. The product construction enables a durable grass cover to develop during a single warm season.
Needlepunched Biomat from Machina-TST


“[The product] is made from flax and contains seeds of perennial herbs, which makes it safe for the environment,” the company writes in the LINOTEX ECO announcement. “Flax is the optimal fiber for the production of the needlepunched biomat due to its unique bio-degradation property.”

Flax fiber is easily recycled by microorganisms, which enriches the soil with organic substances that promote growth of vegetation like grasses.

The mat’s embedded mixture of vegetation is selected on the basis of a project site’s climatic, soil, and hydrological conditions. Only seeds with a high ability to germinate and which feature a strong growing capacity are used.

Primary applications on which the LINOTEX ECO line is being used:

  • Roadway and railways embankments
  • Vegetation establishment around quarries and pits
  • Reclamation and land restoration

This latest release is a fitting development for a company that took home a major business sustainability award a year ago. While that award recognized sustainability from the perspective of business growth and dependability, the LINOTEX ECO product expands the business from an eco-product angle. Combined with the many geosynthetics the company produces and which are utilized in environmental designs, it reinforces Mahina’s vision of sustainable growth from all perspectives.

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