The saying goes that “hindsight is 20/20.” The year 2020, however, is shaping up to be one of significant foresight. Solmax’s new website is a great example.

The redesign adds efficiency and advanced functionality to the site to meet the information and specification needs of all Solmax customers, the company notes, from engineers to installers and business development specialists.

It’s not an atypical move for Solmax, which has steadily invested in digital resources (e.g., drop-in specification tools) to continuously improve service to its clients and the field.


“Solmax has grown its manufacturing footprint and product lines significantly over the past few years, both organically and through acquisition,” says Andreea Sasu, Global Marketing Director. “We wanted a website that reflects the energized vision of the company—facilitating progress while protecting the earth—and that gives our customers rapid access to both the general and highly technical information they need to make informed decisions.”

Solmax New Website - GCL Product Portfolio Example
A sample from the expanded product portfolio section on Solmax’s new website.

The new website is highly responsive and features simplified navigation and expanded product portfolio details. A new Product Search Tool helps users discover the proper geosynthetic solution within the company’s suite of options, such as drainage materials, geotextiles, geomembranes (including geomembranes for use with elevated temperature liquids), and much more.

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The Search functionality on the site has also been upgrade with results separated into relevant sections for quicker identification of the right information. A number of pages have also been substantially redesigned, such as Industries and Applications—pages which have been expanded to reflect the changes in the marketplace’s needs for geosynthetics.

“As the world changes, we are creating new products to meet new industry, regulatory and customer demands,” Sasu says. “We are confident this site will better meet the needs of our clients in 2020 and beyond, and are highly committed to ensuring it remains an excellent springboard for our products and thought leadership.”

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