Coated GCLs Growing in Australian Landfill Designs

The City of Townsville in northern Queensland is Australia’s largest urban center north of the Sunshine Coast. The local Waste Services Department serves nearly 200,000 residents. When the time came to improve stormwater management and install capping on the city’s two largest waste facilities, engineers selected a multi-component geosynthetic clay liner for the essential containment on both projects. The coated GCLs are part of the next generation wave in geosynthetic clay barrier technology. The extrusion coating enhances the performance and security of a GCL (or, bentonite mat). For the Queensland installations, they utilized NAUE’s Bentofix® X10F, which use a polyethylene (PE) extruded coating. The benefits in these design and material selection decisions are summarized below. They exemplify changes that are occurring in...

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