Environmental Specialties International is a top-tier installer of geosynthetic materials, with projects in all regions in major infrastructure segments such as waste management, oil and gas, mining, and coal ash. The company may in fact handle more installation projects in the US than any other firm. Despite the scale of ESI’s operations, it maintains a very low Experience Modification Rate: an EMR of 0.73. One of the reasons for its strong safety record is team members like David Nolting, who is now an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer.

ESI OSHA Outreach Training and Safety - Geosynthetics Installation
David Nolting (far right) with ESI’s first crew to receive the OSHA Outreach Program’s 10-hour training. Photo by Environmental Specialties International.

EMR values matter greatly to a business in controlling worker compensation insurance cost. The standard is 1.0, above which companies begin higher premiums. In geosynthetic installation work, above average EMRs (less than 1.0) can sign strong safety programs, experienced crew, and more efficient (less disrupted) work.


David Nolting is ESI’s Corporate Environmental and Safety Manager. With his 2017-acquired OSHA Outreach Trainer status, he is now providing in-house training to ESI employees for OSHA 10- and 30-hour construction safety courses. These are essential courses in construction-related fields.

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ESI held its first OSHA 10-hour training class in October 2017. During it, Nolting led Khao Sackiuai’s crew on the required safety curriculum and provided specific training on safety hazards experienced on geosynthetic installation projects.
The attendees, upon completing the course, received OSHSA 10-hour training Department of Labor cards.
“Through David’s expertise, this in-house capability further demonstrates our commitment to ensuring a safe work environment for our employees to best serve our customers and the industry,” the company writes of the achievement.
ESI publishes information on its corporate health and safety program on its website and invites anonymous reporting of any safety concerns. Learn more.