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For three years, a patent dispute has played out between Concrete Canvas and Eurobent over the latter company’s material Tiltex™. Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd. is the inventor of Concrete Canvas® products, commonly known as a geosynthetic cementitious composite mat (GCCM). Tiltex has been presented as a GCCM material.

The 11 February 2021 ruling in the patent dispute includes a sum of PLN 4,500,000 (€1,000,000) payable to Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd. Eurobent Sp.z o.o. is based in Poland, where a preliminary injunction was issued in 2018 over the manufacture, offering, and marketing for the sale of Tiltex™ in Poland.

According to a 19 February 2021 release from Concrete Canvas, the company presented evidence of 21 instances in which it believed Eurobent ignored that preliminary injunction by continuing to ship orders from its factory in Poland. The District Court in Świdnica ruled that violations had occurred on 18 of those occasions.

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The decision may be appealable.

“Concrete Canvas wish to reiterate that they will robustly seek to enforce their intellectual property rights where they are being infringed by a manufacturer, distributor or otherwise,” writes the company. “Such enforcement will occur at a time and in a jurisdiction where Concrete Canvas can best accomplish its objectives. Patents exist to protect and encourage investment in innovation. It is in all of our interests to respect the law, including patent law.”

The full release is available here (PDF)

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